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Southwest Indiana Development Corporation  at the median center of US population

The I-69 Corridor...

I-69 Corridor in Southwest Idiana

Center of Population...

Median Center of US Population Map

SWIDC - Southwest Indiana’s LEDO Driven
Regional Economic Development Organization

SWIDC Welcomes You...

Welcome to Southwest Indiana Development Council's (SWIDC's), Gateway to economic development resources in Southern and Southwest Indiana.

As one of the nation's most dynamic, growing regions, we welcome new and expanding businesses. The experienced Local Economic Development (LEDO) directors of SWIDC (Daviess, Dubois, Knox, Martin, Orange, Perry, Pike, Posey and Spencer counties) have teamed to offer project specific assistance designed to identify, maximize, secure, and apply all available incentives to make Southwest Indiana the most attractive location for your business.

SWIDC members are your go-to resource for the skilled, trained workforce you need in Southwest Indiana. Just tell us what you need.

The I-69 Corridor...

The I-69 Corridor extension is transforming the SWIDC region to an increasingly vibrant star in the growth and vitality of Southwestern Indiana. I-69 traverses North America providing enviable access to great locations for your business, jobs, education and healthcare in a great place to live.

Indiana currently has 14 interstate highways (two of which intersect in the SWIDC Region), nearly 6,000 bridges, approximately 4,500 rail miles, more than 110 public access airports and over 560 private access airports regulated by the state. The SWIDC Region is also home to one of Indiana's 3 thriving international ports providing access to the US's inland waterways and beyond.
Wherever your products need to go, they can quickly get there from Southwest Indiana.

Median Center of US Population...

Nearly 75% of the country’s population is within a 12-hour driving distance of the SWIDC Region. St. Louis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville and Louisville can be reached by interstate highways within three hours, while Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and Cleveland are an eight-hour drive or less.

Logistically, the SWIDC Region is ideal for distribution of products and services.

With its central location in the heart of the nation's population, Southwest Indiana is ideal for businesses needing to purchase and/or supply goods or products anywhere within the central or eastern United States.

Rail Mao for SWIDC
Port of Mt. Vernon Indiana