LEAVENWORTH, IN March 5, 2020 – The Crawford County Economic Development Partnership (CCEDP) was awarded a $6,000 grant through the Duke Energy Marketing Partnership and Foreign Direct Investment Partnership Program.  The grant is split into two categories: $2,500 Marketing Grant; $3,500 Foreign Direct Investment Grant.

The Marketing Partnership Program is designed to help Duke Energy communities implement strategic marketing plans that can showcase the community’s assets and support continued economic development growth and prosperity.  The goal for the Foreign Direct Investment Partnership Program is to help Duke Energy communities implement FDI strategies that will develop and strengthen relationships with international companies who invest or may invest in Indiana.

Michael Thissen, Executive Director of the CCEDP says, “We are continually grateful to Duke Energy and their Economic Development team who have supported our strategic place and how it matters to the region and the world.  Duke’s relationships and resources provide validity to our case for business attraction.  We will work hard to do just that for the people of Crawford County.”

For more details, the CCEDP will highlight in a presentation at the annual meeting on May 7.  Everyone is encouraged to attend. RSVP here:



If you would like more information about this topic, please call Savanna at 812-739-4479, or email info@SelectCrawfordCounty.com