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INDIANAPOLIS – Two Dubois County businesses were recognized last week with the Governor’s Half Century Business Award.

Gov. Eric Holcomb presented Century and Half Century awards to 38 Indiana companies, including Holiday Liquors Inc. and Professional Eyecare Associates, both operating in Dubois County.

The honor recognizes “each company’s longevity and service to its employees, community and the state.”

Holiday Liquors

Holiday Liquors was founded in 1965 by Charlie Hopf and Earl Metzger, who built the original store in Jasper. The business began with eight employees. Today, Holiday Liquors has more than 40 employees, full and part time, working in three stores. In 2017, Holiday Liquors expanded its Jasper store, tripling the space to offer a wider selection and larger cold beer section.

Hopf became the owner after Metzger’s passing. The business is operated by Charlie and Linda Hopf and their son Glen Hopf and daughter Nancy Knies.

Charlie said the secret to staying in business 58 years comes down to a couple of things.

“Our success was due to a group of very good employees over the years and offering the public a large selection and good service,” he said.

Professional Eyecare Associates

Professional Eyecare Associates opened its first office in 1973 in Santa Claus before relocating to Huntingburg in 1978. By 1984, the practice was growing and the office expanded, doubling in size. In 2014, the practice opened an office in Jasper.

Founder Dr. JD Springston was the original optometrist and is still active in the practice. Although he retired from seeing patients, he continues in the practice as chief financial officer.

“It’s amazing how it has changed. I started with one employee, the receptionist,” Springston recalled. “There was a recession in ‘73. Business was so slow, my receptionist was knitting afghans at her desk.”

Springston’s daughter followed in her father’s footsteps. Dr. Ashley Springston along with Dr. Timothy Troutman and Dr. Andrew Fischer see patients at offices in Jasper and Huntingburg. Along with a staff of 18, they provide family vision care, contact lenses, frames, treatment of eye diseases and ocular trauma as well as helping patients with computer eye strain. PEA recently established a clinic for dry eye and specialty contact lenses. They also work closely with local ophthalmology teams when referrals, surgeries, or more specialized treatment is needed.

Optometry has seen many advances in eye care and the doctors at PEA make it a priority to bring those advancements to their patients.

“We invest heavily in new technology and try to stay ahead of things that are new and beneficial in eye care,” said Dr. JD Springston.

The doctors stay current by taking continuing education classes. As an added convenience to patients, an eye surgeon sees patients once a month for consultations and follow-up care.

About the awards

The awards are presented to Hoosier businesses that have remained in operation for a minimum of 100 or 50 consecutive years and have demonstrated a commitment to community service, Holcomb’s office said.

“Every year, the Century and Half-Century Awards remind me of the dedication and perseverance Hoosiers across the state bring to their businesses, and each year it is truly an honor to recognize these organizations that have withstood the test of time, navigated economic uncertainties and demonstrated unconditional commitment to their employees and communities across Indiana,” the governor said in a news release.

More than 1,200 companies have received the award over the past 32 years.