Economic development agency, Dubois Strong, conducted a study in partnership with Hunden Strategic Partners, Inc. (HSP) analyzing the impact the Mid-States Corridor Project will have on Dubois and Spencer Counties. Anticipated benefits of the project include increases in economic activity, reduction in congestion and transportation delays, improved access for other modes of transit, decreased costs for freight movement, new employment opportunities, and an overall increase in the quality of life for the region’s residents.

The Mid-States Corridor is expected to quickly see a return on investment upon completion. It is estimated to generate the following:

$1 billion per year in new spending for Dubois and Spencer Counties.

$32.5 billion over a 30-year projection.

50% reduction in accidents in Dubois County, leading to $9.3 million in annual savings.

Improved access to larger markets for talent, goods, services, and tourism.

7,000 additional jobs.

One core benefit of the Mid-States Corridor will be the fast, direct connection from north to south. The improved connection brought by the Mid-States Corridor project will provide a safer and more direct route for travelers between the region’s most industrious markets. Residents will experience immediate gains from the Mid-States Corridor Project, including a quicker and more direct route to major cities in the region. This will provide greater access to job opportunities and healthcare facilities that were previously out of reach. They also will benefit from reduced roadway congestion and an overall more safe, efficient, and connected alternative to I-65.

The advantages of the Mid-States Corridor will reach far beyond Dubois and Spencer Counties. These forecasted benefits will also impact Perry, Warrick, Pike, Daviess, Crawford, Orange, Martin, Lawrence, Greene, and Monroe counties.

“The importance of the Mid-States Corridor project to the future economic growth of Dubois county, Spencer county, and the general Southern Indiana region cannot be understated,” said Dubois Strong President Ed Cole. “In addition to providing efficient access to our area’s top markets, this study emphasizes the need to accelerate this project to further establish Southern Indiana as an economic engine that will drive our state forward for generations to come.” The Mid-States Corridor will be situated around the region’s main logistics hubs. These hubs are centered at four of the busiest and largest freight airports in the world, located in Indianapolis, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Louisville, Kentucky. This proximity to national logistics focal points is expected to boost the growth of global business and distribution in the area, in turn drawing new residents and talent to counties along the corridor.

“The continued economic development of our area will heavily rely on improved transportation, not just for Dubois County but for all of Southern Indiana,” said Airport Manager at Dubois County Airport Authority Travis McQueen. “Increased accessibility to the Indianapolis International Airport will have major benefits to supply chain activity. It also has the potential to improve access to state attractions, bringing Indiana tourism to new heights.” Huntingburg Mayor Steve Schwinghamer had positive remarks about the study. “This analysis quantifies how beneficial the development of the Mid-States Corridor will be for Dubois County’s economy. I am pleased to see the positive findings in this study and the potential to establish Dubois County as a strong economic center in Indiana.” Jasper Mayor Dean Vonderheide issued a statement last summer regarding the Mid-States Corridor study stating, “Any project that has the potential to maintain and grow the competitive advantage of our strong economic base and provide better access, lower costs, and greater speed to national and world markets deserves a serious, thorough, and complete study before our communities, region, and state decide the most feasible next step.” Dubois Strong’s mission is to drive the retention and expansion of existing local business while attracting new employers and supporting entrepreneurs. The results of the HSP Economic Impact Study will help support the organization’s goal to further strengthen the county’s competitive position through the development of the Mid-States Corridor, bringing prosperity for all Dubois County residents. Dubois Strong is working closely with several partners in the region including the Mid-States Corridor Next Level Coalition represented by Taft Law. By Fall 2021, the Mid-States Corridor Project is expected to identify the preferred corridor route, publish a Draft Environmental Impact Statement, continue to host public hearings, and provide formal comment periods to keep key stakeholders and local residents informed on project progress.

Dubois Strong is Dubois County, Indiana’s lead economic development organization whose main focus is workforce population growth, complementary business attraction, and the support of new start-ups. Ed Cole is the President of Dubois Strong. For additional information about Dubois Strong, including how to become an investor, please visit, or phone 812-482-9650. The Dubois Strong office is located at Vincennes University Jasper, 961 College Avenue.