Lincoln Amphitheatre

Lincoln Amphitheatre

READI Amount: $71,280

Lincoln Amphitheatre is constructing a new entry canopy and signage wall. The new canopy and signage wall will dramatically change the way we welcome people to the Lincoln Amphitheatre.

Currently, there is only the existing road and grass in this location. It will be a low maintenance, but high in aesthetics welcome structure to greet patrons and guests as they enter (and depart from) the facility.

Stunning Structure

The structure would be large enough to allow heavy equipment through and will feature stone planters on its east and west sides, a stone wall with ground lighting stretching to the west, and a stone seating wall stretching to the east toward the existing box office.

It is simply a stunning structure and will provide a much needed and long deserved “wow” factor for patrons as they walk up to the venue, while also increasing the functionality of the facility by providing a sole point of patron ingress and egress.