SWIDC is collaborating with Region 15 Plan Commission for the Steadfast Taskforce Resiliency Plan. Region 15 has been successful in its Resiliency Planning grant from the Cares Act in the sum of $400,000.

Leah Hawkins, who serves as a Technical Services Specialist from Region 15, shared, “The Resiliency Plan has been essential in identifying our strengths and weaknesses on a regional level; some existed before, but all were intensified by the pandemic. This plan will not only be helpful in the recovery from COVID-19 but will also be a tool to use in the event of another disaster or economic downturn.”

SWIDC is collaborating during the strategy sessions on what was learned, and how to plan, react and recover for if or when there would be another pandemic or disaster that would impact the region. COVID-19 has rocked the region, healthcare, supply chain, logistics, and the way people are meeting, gathering, and buying groceries. It is important for our southwest region to come together to gather all the knowledge and initiatives learned and apply them to a Resiliency Strategy so that if there is a next time the regional economy will be as prepared as possible.