A two-phase $14.5 million housing project entered the final stages of planning on February 7 and is now expected to bring 144 new apartment units to the east side of the city of Washington, according to Bryant Niehoff, executive director of the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation. Details of the project, which has been a year in planning, were recommended by the Washington Redevelopment Commission and will now go to the City Council for final consideration of key elements.

“This is a very positive development for Daviess County, as it will create capacity for our local workforce to grow and step into jobs that are both available and being created in the community,” said Niehoff. “The ROI Indiana Uplands housing study conducted two years ago noted that more market-rate housing was needed to promote economic growth and job creation here, so this represents an important step forward.”

The $14.5 million project will build six apartment buildings offering 1,000-1,2oo sq. ft. apartments in 1-3 bedroom configurations. “These will be excellent residences for professionals, young families, and individuals of all ages looking for a place to grow,” said Niehoff.

Simplified Developments LLC, a family-owned residential development company in Gibson County, has been working with Niehoff and Washington Mayor David Rhoads to plan the project.

“We’re very excited about the prospects for this two-phase project as it matches our core expertise and experience,” said Phil Reinbrecht, president of Simplified Development. “Mayor Rhoads and Bryant Niehoff’s team has been great to work with.”

“This project has a lot of moving parts, but it’s a major step forward for the city, which is exciting,” said Mayor Rhoads. “We look forward to getting this project across the finish line and working with Simplified Developments in the future.”

“An added plus for Washington is that we hope to work with several local subcontractors for framing and other construction as we build out these apartments, so that will support local job creation and the economy,” said Reinbrecht. He added that a separate family-owned company, Reinbrecht Homes, is making plans to develop a number of new residential homes for the Washington area.

Simplified Developments has completed and operates similar housing developments in Haubstadt (north of Evansville) and Princeton.

The project will now be considered for TIF-funded infrastructure support and a tax abatement by the Washington City Council.

“The forecasted revenue streams look good for the project on all levels,” said Mayor Rhoads. “We’ve got a great partnership in place, and we look forward to breaking ground.”

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About the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation

As a private/public partnership for county-wide economic development, the Daviess County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) is working to build a foundation for a better tomorrow in the communities within Daviess County, Indiana. A founding organization of the WestGate @ Crane Technology Park, DCEDC’s mission is to improve the standard of living in Daviess County by expanding and diversifying the economic base, promoting quality employment opportunities, and enhancing the overall quality of place. For more information, please visit www.developdaviess.com

About Simplified Developments, LLC

A family-owned business with more than 40 years of experience, Simplified Developments has built and operates apartment complexes and condominiums in Haubstadt and Princeton, Indiana. The 1-3 bedroom facilities of Parkside Manor in Haubstadt and Baldwin Heights Apartments in Princeton offer between 1,000 and 1,200 sq. ft. of modern and spacious properties. For more information, visit https://simplifieddevelopments.com/