By The Herald
May 23, 2023

DUBOIS COUNTY — A recent study by financial website Smart Asset found Dubois County among the top 10 best locations for small business owners in the Hoosier State.

The study focused on revealing places in each state with the strongest small business presence, using IRS data to calculate small business income generated in each county, relative to countywide income. The study also examined the number of small businesses operating within each community.

The top 10 include the counties of Hamilton, Adams, Boone Daviess, Lagrange, Warrick, Dubois, St Joseph, Porter and Lake. In seventh-ranked Dubois County, small businesses account for12.16% of local income. and generating $9,917 in income taxes. The county was ranked 1,730th best location in the nation. Dubois County reported 21.74% small business returns and a 38.97 small business index.